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Laugh along with us at the funny antics of these young cashmere goats.  Enjoy their natural playfulness and gymnastic moves as they explore their new world with their brothers, sisters and friends. 
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In the past year, several customers have commented that the “Giggle with the Goats” DVDs are making a positive impact for individuals with Alzheimer’s and the people who care for them.  I have also received strong endorsements from professionals who recommend the use of the DVDs for residents and staff members at care facilities. The following is one of many testimonials: As a secured living facility, it is rare that we find an activity that is thoroughly enjoyed by residents in all stages of their disease.  Even the staff loves these DVDs.  We have them formally on the program twice a month, but we watch them much more frequently than that.  Regardless of their cognitive abilities, all of the residents will laugh together at the goats and their antics.  I would absolutely recommend your DVDs to other facilities that care for people.  They appeal to all ages so I can see them used in a variety of settings including group homes, nursing homes, daycare centers and settings for the developmentally disabled.  Thank you Pattie for taking the time to put such wonderful DVDs together.  You have a unique product with lots of benefits for those who get to enjoy them.” Gail Hanson - Administrator Aspen Ridge Alzheimer’s Special Care Center Having family members and friends affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia, I understand the difficult task of locating safe, affordable products that can be used to entertain and provide relief to everyone involved. To learn more about the feedback I’ve received, click here. To know how this connection came about, click here. To purchase the DVDs, click here.
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