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Since 2010, Giggle With The Goats has been providing uplifting, cheerful videos featuring adorable young Cashmere goats in their natural, playful state.

These little goats are full of energy and spirit, and no matter what, they are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face after just a few minutes of watching their somewhat circus-like antics.

Giggle With The Goats is a brainchild of a digital firm,

Zoom'n Dog Production, based entirely in the USA with a small team who loves sharing the playful spirits of these happy little goats. 

Our videos have been introduced to Alzheimer’s patients all over the country, and the response we have received has been truly heartwarming. The same joy and entertainment we originally hoped to bring to children has grown in a way we never expected, but we couldn’t be happier to share the playful happiness of these goats with as many people who need it as possible. There may not be any sort of scientific or medical logic behind the videos of our little goats, but the old saying rings true; laughter truly is the best medicine. We look forward to seeing how these videos may impact others in the future who might be struggling with illness, or simply those who need a few uplifting moments in their day. 

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Cashmere goats are unique little creatures! First of all, yes, it’s the same ‘cashmere’ found in a cozy sweater or scarf. All cashmere actually comes from goats, and it wasn’t until the 1970s that Cashmere goats were raised in America. Aside from their coat, though, they are truly an incredible breed. They are highly intelligent, and about as easy-going as a goat can be. Cashmere goats get along well with other animals, young children, and of course each other. The young goats, like the ones here at Giggle With The Goats, are typically playful and energetic, not to mention adorable!

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35 minutes of Organic Laughter to Brighten your Spirits.

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35 minutes of Organic Laughter to Brighten your Spirits. 
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Because we are a small business, we take pride in the care and happiness of our goats. After all, they’re making everyone around them happy, so it’s the least we can do to make sure they are comfortable as well, and get as much playtime as they can. No goats are ever harmed during filming, and we do our best to showcase nothing but the natural energy and playfulness of these adorable young cashmere goats as they interact with each other. Be sure to take a look at our DVDs available on our website, as well as our instant download videos. Each video has a different theme, so you’ll never get tired of smiling at the playful antics of these goats, and you’re sure to giggle along with them.

So, with such special little goats, it isn’t difficult to create equally-special videos. The original intention of Giggle With The Goats was to offer a unique, entertaining, and uplifting set of videos for children to enjoy. After all, the goats we feature are ‘kids’, themselves, with all the bounding energy of any young child. While we still hope kids enjoy all of the videos of our goats doing what they do best, what has become an unexpected surprise since starting is the impact these playful little goats have made on others. Specifically, those dealing with Alzheimer's disease. 

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