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Behind the Scenes

It is important to know that during the production of these videos, none of the goats were injured or threatened in any way.  The video you see is what we captured by spending hundreds of hours with the goats in their pen, filming kid goats being kids. 

By their nature, goats are intelligent, active and very curious animals.  Their form of play is demonstrated by running, jumping and butting each other with their heads.

The camera operators survived being walked on, climbed on and their hair and clothes being chewed.  They were also stepping in and sitting on items commonly found in a barnyard.  Ewww!  However, those minor incidents were always looked upon with laughter!

Parents, please explain to your children that they should not butt their heads together like the goats.  Goats have very thick skulls, human children do not and they will hurt themselves.  The producers of “Giggle with the Goats” and the goats, are not responsible for injury or property damage from any human trying to act like a goat.

This project was created and is produced in the USA by a small business.  We realize that in today’s digital world, it is easy to copy and distribute a product such as ours, however we ask that you not do that.  It’s illegal, it’s piracy, but even worse, it’s bad karma!

Every DVD sale is important to us and we ask that you support our company, so we can continue to make more DVDs that make you laugh.  (The goats would appreciate your support too!)


The Giggle with the Goats Gang