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“Gaia Lake”  The little goats’ performance to the music of Swan Lake, is quite a new take on this timeless ballet.

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“Danube Dance” The kids perform their own interpretation of the classic Blue Danube Waltz accented with butting heads.

“Starting from Scratch” provides the message, that no matter how big the bale of hay is in our life, we should never give up trying to climb to the top!

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Giggle with the Goats

“Sweet Samara” is a lullaby that will will lovingly tuck you or your little ones into bed for a restful night’s sleep.  Adorable kids snuggle together as they take a much needed rest from a day of jumping around

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Funny Goat Music Videos

“My Sunny Island” is a tropical steel drum happy dance! Bring your sunscreen and sun glasses!

“Baldwin’s Blitz” is all about getting somewhere, anywhere, anyhow as fast as you can. High energy, non-stop, never ending, running, jumping-every- direction-possible-kids in high gear!

“Jingle Bells Holiday Performance” With over 8 million views, this is a holiday classic!  It’s fun, heartwarming and worth watching over and over!