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Q.  What kind of goats are these?
A.  These are Cashmere goats.  Every spring the Cashmere is combed from their coats, cleaned, spun into yarn and dyed. 

Q.  Are these meat goats.
A.  No, these goats are not bred for meat production.

Q.  Are these dairy goats?
A.  No, there are other breeds that are much better for dairy production. 

Q.  Do all these goats stay on this farm?
A.  Several of them do stay and live out their life on this farm.  Others are sold to Cashmere farmers who are looking to improve and expand their herd. 

Q.  Do goats make good pets?
A.  They are good pasture pets if properly cared for with appropriate food, shelter, veterinarian care and lots of love and attention.  They are a herd animal, so they need to be in a group of two or more.  They require good feed and clean water daily.  They also need to have their hooves trimmed, ears, eyes and teeth checked for any injuries or infections. 

Q.  Do they butt you with their horns?
A.  Normally, most don’t unless they are being threatened or their kids are being threatened.  Goats will butt heads with each other as a form of play or in some cases dominance.  i.e. “get away from my food!” 

Q.  How long do goats live?
A.  A goat is considered mature 4 to 6 years old and a 12 year old goat is considered a senior. 

Q.  Can I come visit your goats?
A.  These goats belong to my friend and it is a private farm. If you are interested in raising Cashmere goats, it would be best to contact a breeder in your local area.  There are goats available in rescue shelters such as  that also need homes.

Q.  Can I gift a DVD to my friend?
A.  Yes, you sure can. Most people buy the DVD to cheer themselves, family and friends. You can Contact Us to have it delivered to your friend's address within the US or outside the US.

Q.  Can I buy in Bulk for my non-profit?
A.  Yes, you sure can. Contact Us with details and we will get back to you ASAP.

Q.  Do you ship DVD's outside the US?
A.  Yes, we do. Contact Us with the details of your Name, Address, Order info, and we will get back to you with Shipping Fees, duration and Total Cost. Upon you agreeing to the same, we will send you an invoice. Upon payment of invoice, we will ship the DVD/s to the address specified.

Q.  How do I get the downloads?
A.  The download includes the complete mp4 music video that you selected to buy. Once you click on Add to Cart, and pay the 99 cents for each, you will receive a link to the download on your email. You click the link and download it to your computer.

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