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Goat habitats are varied and include mountain slopes, grasslands, and desert.

Coffee was first discovered when goat herders noticed the goats acting very energetic after nibbling on the coffee beans

To knit one sweater, it requires Cashmere from approximately four goats

Thor's chariot - Goats pulled the chariot of the Norse god of thunder.

Goats have bottom teeth in front and sides; the top jaw has only side molars for grinding

Goats are great as pack animals and are easier on the trail than other pack animals. Properly conditioned, a goat can carry as much as 30% of it’s body weight

A goat can jump as high as 5 feet or more

Aid groups often give goats to poor farmers worldwide because they are so good at providing both food and clothing

The domestic goat has cloven hooves, a long beard on its chin, a short and upward-turned tail and horns that grow upward from the head instead of twisting to the sides like those of sheep