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“This started out as a BAD day...until I opened this email from a friend.....I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for taking the time to Video it...I put it in my favorites...and sending to all  my friends, and honestly YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!!!!!”  - Tony

“This is so adorable, I can't stop watching it.”  - Rosemary

“This is the best thing I have ever seen!!!! TRULY organic laughter!!!

Thank you for sharing!!!”  - Kathy

“You are such a breath of fresh air! Your "kids" are going to become the star of every gathering at my house on the big screen. I will never tire of the video and I am going right now to visit the other videos etc. Your contribution to YouTube is appreciated more than u know!” - Jessica

This is a happy-making video and should be watched by anyone in a bad mood and this will cheer them up!!! - Monica

“I am sitting here this Friday morning all alone and laughing myself silly over this- THANK YOU for the Great Laugh!” - Tim

“I wanna be one of them! They are soo happy!!! They look like they have springs on their feet!!! It's April and I still play this Vid on the DVD's. Put's me in a Good Mood!!!” - Becky

"I just had to buy this for myself and my friends. I bought all your Downloads and this is the best thing I have ever bought!!!" - Mel

“Thank you! I am almost 70 years old , and this video reminds me of my pet goat named "Fannie May" that I had when I was a very young child.  Your video makes me so HAPPY :)” - Ted

Volume 1 DVD

35 minutes of Organic Laughter to Brighten your Spirits.

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Volume 2 DVD

35 minutes of Organic Laughter to Brighten your Spirits. 
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Zoom'n Dog Production, the creators of Giggle with the Goats would like to thank the thousands of people across America and the rest of the World, that continue to send us Rave Review and wonderful emails over the years. Here are a few of those thousands of Rave Reviews Giggle with the Goats has received.