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Funny Goat Music Videos

These videos were initially produced with the expectation that the primary audience would be children.  I never expected, during all those hours I was in the barnyard shooting video of goat kids bouncing around, that this work would have such a positive effect on individuals, caretakers, and family members of those having to deal with Alzheimers.   Nor did it occur to me, that what was being created would be used as a learning tool for students while also earning money for the school. 

It’s good to expect the unexpected! First, two individuals involved with Alzheimer care facilities purchased the DVDs to be shared with Alzheimer residents.  It turns out the DVDs were a huge success, not only for the Alzheimer patients, but also for the staff at the care facility.  The response and feedback from the professionals and family members were overwhelmingly positive.  The images of the goats jumping around to great music is non-demanding, funny and pure enjoyment.  The residents laugh, clap their hands, and tap their toes! I have an Aunt who resides in an Alzheimer care center.  On her behalf, I donated the DVDs to that facility and regular viewing of the “Giggle with the Goats” is now part of their activities. 

Alzheimer's puts families through a long and difficult time as they watch their loved ones slowly slip away.  Laughing doesn’t come easily when you are not able to understand or respond to people, but goats running and jumping around makes laughing easy.  Music is one of the last forms of enjoyment that lingers with an individual with Alzheimers.  I’m so happy that I am able to bring laughter and music into the lives of people dealing with this debilitating disease.